what does it mean, maternity care?

♦ monitoring of maternal and child health.

♦ Monitoring of rest of mother and child.

♦ Learning to care for your newborn.

♦ Learning to observe and understand your newborn.

♦ Maintain contact with disciplines such as midwife, and child health care .

♦ Keeping a care record.

♦ Reception of visitors.

♦ Integration of the newborn in the family.

♦ Giving information about breastfeeding or bottle feeding.

♦ Explanation of what you can expect in your maternity period.

♦ Explanation of what you can expect after your maternity period.

♦ Taking care of a good hygiene.

♦ Domestic operations such as clean bedding, the laundry and ironing, vacuuming, sanitary hygene, dishes etc.

And what is my quality as a maternity nurse?

♦ My quality is that everything is possible to be realized, so personal requirements are possible.

♦ Treats such as fruit, lunch, breakfast in bed are normal things you can expect and also a hot meal can be prepared.

♦  Answering all of your questions.

♦ Making sure that in the end of your week you are adequately equipped with knowledge and recuperated.

♦ Build your self-confidence, so you can look forward to a life ( without me ) along with your baby having fun.

♦ By means of leaving my card you always will be able to approach me once again for more questions or information, etc.

♦ To create a cosy and relaxing maternity time.

♦ You can be assured that your privacy is paramount.

I would love to win your trust by providing you the best service in our industry.