About Me

My name is Debbie Ploeg born in 1961.
I am having three adult children, two sons and one daughter.
I have been working as a maternity nurse in the home care since 1998, and since 2005, I do this as an independent worker In 2007 I graduated as a lactation consultant. A lactation consultant is someone who has all the knowledge in the field of breastfeeding. When my first child was born in 1981, I learned about a maternity nurse for the first time. I then did not know what to expect, but I was quickly pleased with the help.

From that moment on, I was convinced: "I also wanted to be a maternity nurse." What a greatjob!!!
For years I was a fulltime mother for my children and when the last left primary school I said: "now it's my turn, I would very much like to become a maternity nurse."
After a long search I found the right education. I adored the education and quickly went to work, proud as a Peacock!
The nice thing about my work is; that I can educate parents in a peaceful way, in their own homes, everything about the care and needs of their new born baby, that I can ensure that the breastfeeding is running well and that all the obstacles and any uncertainties are removed, and lastly that I know I am a reliable person for them whom they can ask everything.
Especially the field of breastfeeding has always fascinated me, so in oder to give the best care and information about breastfeeding I also chose to do the education to be a Lactation consultant.

The most charming thing of this work is that I work in all kinds of different situations.
I love to pamper families, and I know from experience that it is very pleassant and reassuring that the household is taken care of and running. My work area is quite spacious, if I may say so myself ....
I work in Flevoland, Gooi en vechtstreek, Amsterdam and Utrecht and Haarlem.
The big advantage for you to having an independent maternity nurse in your home is huge: You don't have be cut short in the hours because it happens to be a very busy time (some agencies may have their employees doing two families at once), and you will not have different nurses (you will always see the same person).

Research has shown that independent workers, deliver better work more often than employees of agencies, simply because we are our own visit cards.
Because I'm a lactation consultant, you are assured of the best care for you and your newborn when you start breastfeeding. And it's all inclusive, there is no extra payment .
But of course I will also assist you perfectly if you decide to give your baby formula milk.